Semi-Planing Hulls

Our original hulls are semi-displacement
designs - sometimes referred to as
semi-planing or Downeast.

These hulls have a full keel, a deep Vee entry at the bow tapering back to a relatively flat deadrise at the stern.
They are typically operated in the 15 to 20 knot range and require minimum horsepower ( 40hp to 60hp is common).
They make excellent work platforms and are still popular with many inshore fishermen as open skiffs and as a custom built pleasure boat for those who do not want to cruise at higher speeds and like the shallow draft provided by the flat aft section.  
Over the years we have developed molds for this type of hull in 18', 20', 23', and 26' lengths. They are available as open skiffs for the commercial fishery or they can be ordered as "kit" or partially completed boats.
We no longer offer them as turn key pleasure boat models.